73 Area Players to Vegas!

Sunday, June 30, 2019

The Western Nebraska APA World Qualifiers held in May and June provided plenty of fun and excitement for all participants as well the always anticipated opportunity to get together and socialize with our fellow friends and APA members from all over Western and Central Nebraska. 

We congratulate all teams that qualified for these events as that in itself is a major accomplishment!

In all, 73 players from Western Nebraska will travel to Vegas in August to play in the APA World Pool Championship events!

9-Ball World Qualifier Results

Vegas Qualified - “The Rejects” out of Good Times at Chute #7 in Kimball including Chauncey Pedersen, Sherri Parshall, Seth Krafczik, Terri Broussard, Bruce Tjosvold, Cheyenne Wilt, Roger Krafczik and John Aguiniga.

Vegas Qualified - “Voodoo Magic” out of VFW in Kearney including Jose Lorenzana, Chad Larson, Jennifer Larson, Merritt Lawson, Brian Stockman, Chris Roehrich, Amber Lawson and Shannon Beck.

Vegas Qualified - “We’re Solids, Right?” out of TJ’s Family Fun Center in McCook including Chris Schaffert, Austyn Hyde, Ben Wragge, Drew Harms, Mike Templeman, Marty Bartlett, David Stockhaus and Steve Bartlett.

2nd place ($800) – “Having Fun” out of Windy Gap in Paxton including Austin Fricke, Richard Colson, Christi Orr, Troy Maxcy, Joann Baumeister, Chad Baumeister, Beth Ann Penner and Royce Penner.

2nd place ($800) – Players Sports Bar I out of Alliance including Robert Benjamin, Kate Benjamin, Mike Lantinen, Cathy Gibson, JD Nemechek, Shelly Piper, Mike McCauley and Ron Nagaki.

2nd place ($800) – “Strokin’ 9” out of Pete’s Lounge in Gothenburg including Jamie Messersmith, Lois Holbein, Bill Mach, Randy Holbein, Rolland Closson, Taylor Walker and Steve Walker.

8-Ball World Qualifier Results

Vegas Qualified - “Totally Confused” out of TJ’s Family Fun Center in McCook including Don Daub, Sherri Lukas, Lloyd Lavery, Madelyn McKain, Ken Daub, Rose Lockhorn, Bill Moore and Tony Peters.

Vegas Qualified - “House Bar” out of North Platte including Nick Witt, Justin Kelley, Heather Burk, Kara Kelley, Nick McDougall, Chris Koch and Terry Graham.

Vegas Qualified - “PBA” out of TJ’s Family Fun Center in McCook including Steve Bartlett, Drew Harms, Marty Bartlett, Doug Hyde, Austyn Hyde, Brian Monnahan, Chris Schaffert and David Stockhaus.

2nd place ($800) – “Table Seekers” out of Outlaws 1882 Saloon including Marie Foley, Nadia Schoup, Mike Schoup, Melissa Clinton, Robert Downey, Cindy Downey, Bret Holloway and Angela Thomas.

2nd place ($800) – “Eagle’s Wild Bunch” out of Eagles Club in North Platte including Chrystal Bethke, Stacey Happle, Daphne Sutton, Lisa Pacheco, Dennis Stevens, Melissa Bravo and Chuck Milne.

2nd place ($800) – “Off in the Pocket” out of Frank’s in Trenton including Jackson Grafel, Kortnie Grafel, Thomas Rife, Samantha Rife, Kendal Fisher, Wendy McKain, Justin Heffner and Kaitlynn Fisher.

Masters Championship Results

Vegas Qualified - “Different Strokes” out of TJ’s Family Fun Center in McCook including James Winder, Scott Martin, Curtis Kappers and Levi Edwards.

2nd place ($400) – “TJ’s” out of McCook including Brandon Burton, Mike Shafer, Burton and Travis Hubl.

We also wish the best to our other players headed to Vegas to play in these “Showdown Series” events…

Other Vegas Teams (** indicates paid by APA.)

**Jack & Jill 8-Ball Doubles – “Heels and Wheels” from North Platte including Nathan Keck and Katlynn Edwards.

** Team Captains Championship – “Captains Mixup” including Lois Holbein (Gothenburg), Randy Holbein (Gothenburg), Bob Jones (Sidney), Tim McGuire (Lexington) and Frank Seybold (Trenton).

Team Captains Championship – “Outlaws 1882” from McCook area including Tom Harris, Rob Dike, Damon Barber, Rick Shafer and Billy Thornbrugh.

Team Captains Championship – “Blurred Vision” from McCook area including Rick Haddix, Brandon Burton, Kathy Haddix, Courtney Hampton and Bryan Smotherman.

Ladies 8-Ball Championship – “Rack N Roll” from Dawson County area (except where noted) including Lois Holbein, Raebecca Coover, Juliska DeRockbraine, Cindy Messersmith and Sandy Seybold (Trenton).