Scorekeeper App Help

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

The NEW "Scorekeeper" app (electronic scorekeeping) is now available in some of our divisions in Western Nebraska APA!  Those divisions include 023 Sidney 8-Ball, 024 Cozad 8-Ball, 071 McCook Sunday 8-Ball Red, 271 North Platte 9-Ball Red and 242 Cozad 9-Ball.  This is subject to change.  Divisions that are not widely using the app may lose access.
IMPORTANT!  You must still keep score and submit a scoresheet as normal as we are in the "testing phase".  Also, when adding new players to your team do not assume adding them through "Scorekeeper" will provide an accurate starting skill level.  Our bylaws state that you must contact the League Office during regular office hours to get a current skill level anytime you wish to add a player.  
Below are some useful videos and information to help you navigate "Scorekeeper".  This information can also be found in the "Scorekeeper" help section.
Not seeing what you need?  Try these frequently asked questions.