Two Teams Earn Trip to 9-Ball World Pool Championship

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Two teams earned a trip to the 9-Ball World Pool Championships in Las Vegas after winning the 9-Ball World Qualifier held over the weekend at Eagles Club in North Platte.  
"Brent's Ballers" out of Windy Gap in Paxton took one spot while "Shoot Em" out of Rescue Bar & Grill in Sargent earned the other.
Team members of "Brent's Ballers" include Lloyd Scheele, Danny Kaspar, Dusten Van Velson, Ry Putnam, Kristen Dewaard, Chelsea Roberts, Layne Homrighausen and Chris Morrow.
Team members of "Shoot Em" include Lathyn Collins, Levi Glidden, Terry Osienger, Flave Spanel, Holly Bowers, Lorretta Glidden, Tad Glidden and Justin Pryce.
Taking 2nd place and $800 per team were "Longhorn Longshots" out of Longhorn Bar in Sutherland and "BalliSticks" out of Nighttracks in Indianola. 
Team members of "Longhorn Longshots" include Chip Frailey, Lynda Frailey, Corey Snyder, Char Rotert, BJ Marquette, Lydia Luebbe, Travis Collins and Denise Marquette.
Team members of "BalliSticks" include Dan Van Cura, Kasandra Barber, Brandon Burton, Lou Van Cura, Rob Dike, Monica Macfee, Ernie Denbo and Tammy Dike.