End of Regular Session Winners

Sunday, August 15, 2021

Congrats to all of our winners!  The top 25% of each League earns end of session "party money".  The top 3 teams and a wildcard team earn a spot in local playoffs.  Check your schedule for playoff matches.  MVP winners get a MVP patch and free entry into a tournament next session.  Sportsmanship Award winners get patches.  Good luck and have fun!

North Platte 8-Ball - 1st place ($306) - House Bar II, 2nd place ($204) - Banks N Spanks, 3rd place - Sybil.  Wildcard team - House Bar.  Sportsmanship Award - Sybil.  MVP honors went to Evan Pufpaff, Kevin Tidyman and Ray Keefer.

Alliance 8-Ball - 1st place ($270) - Break N Run, 2nd place - The Reneg8s, 3rd place - Rough 8. Wildcard team - Lucky Styx.  Sportsmanship Award - Break N Run.  MVP honors went to Shelly Piper, Ryan Taylor and Chris Renfroe.

Kearney 9-Ball - 1st place ($330) - Happy Hookers, 2nd place ($220) - The Montana Deluxe, 3rd place - Drop 9.  Wildcard team - Nice Rack.  Sportsmanship Award - Drop 9.  MVP honors went to Manda Kasson, Blake Crites and Alex Wells.

Ogallala Area 8-Ball - 1st place ($234) - 8 Looney Tunes, 2nd place ($156) - Ole's 8-Ballers, 3rd place - 8 Misfits.  Wildcard team - DJ's.  Sportsmanship Award - 8 Looney Tunes.  MVP honors went to Joann Baumeister, JJ Jenkins and Kent Scheele.

McCook Area 9-Ball - 1st place ($340) - We're Solids, Right?, 2nd place ($204) - Sloppin' 9's, 3rd place ($136) - Busboys. Wildcard team - Dead Balls.  Sportsmanship Award - Dead Balls.  MVP honors went to Brandon Caddick, Chris Mock and Brendon Malcolm.

Cozad Area 9-Ball - 1st place ($405) - Misfits, 2nd place ($243) - The Good Guys, 3rd place ($162) - Blurred Vision.  Wildcard team - Team Sasquatch.  Sportsmanship Award - Pooligans.  MVP honors went to Ashley Eskew, Wally Fox and Zach Underwood.

Custer Co. Area 9-Ball - 1st ($290) - Shoot Em, 2nd - Fubar & Grill, 3rd - Sylvester's II.  Wildcard team - Sylvester's I.  Sportsmanship Award - Shoot Em.  MVP honors went to Tiffany Glidden, Flave Ann Spanel and Bret DeBusk. 

McCook Area 8-Ball Red - 1st place ($282) - Smallballz, 2nd place ($188) - Amateur's, 3rd place - KWITCHERSNIVLIN.  Wildcard team - Chalk Is Cheap.  Sportsmanship Award - Chalk Is Cheap.  MVP honors went to Kaitlynn Fisher, EmiLene Sides and Dwayne Hammond.

McCook Area 8-Ball Blue - 1st place ($282) - Table Seekers, 2nd place ($188) - Rolling 8's, 3rd place - Off In The Pocket. Wildcard team - Just Win 1.  Sportsmanship Award - Off In The Pocket.  MVP honors went to Danielle Zuege, Roger Lewis and Mike Shafer.

Kearney Area 8-Ball - 1st place ($345) - Rock Out w/ our Chalk Out, 2nd place ($207) - Voodoo Magic, 3rd place ($138) - The Drifters.  Wildcard team - Pool-Tang Clan.  Sportsmanship Award - Mentality.  MVP honors went to Chris Hogg, Eric Bedke and Vinny Vencill.

North Platte Area 9-Ball - 1st ($315) - Eagles Club I, 2nd ($189) - WWDD, 3rd ($126) - Kelsey's Wolf Pack.  Wildcard team - Eagles X-Press.  Sportsmanship Award - Spanks N Banks.  MVP honors went to Julie Antonson, Tony Ostrander and Sam Domingus. 

Custer County Area 8-Ball - 1st place ($270) - Sylvester's I, 2nd place - Rescue Bar, 3rd place - Pick A Pocket.  Wildcard team - Damn Str8's.  Sportsmanship Award - Mel's Special Ballers.  MVP honors went to Lathyn Collins, Adam Lashley and Terry Osienger.

McCook Area 8-Ball - 1st place ($306) - Beaver Creek Bankers, 2nd place ($204) - Taking Lessons, 3rd place - Stangs. Wildcard team - The Misfits.  Sportsmanship Award - Just Wayne It.  MVP honors went to Mike Schoup, Kasandra Barber and Brandon Burton.

Ogallala Area 9-Ball - 1st place ($340) - OFF Constantly, 2nd place ($204) - Having Fun, 3rd place ($136) - Swede's II.  Wildcard team - Sloppy Joes.  Sportsmanship Award - Swede's II.  MVP honors went to Nikkie Florom, Bobby Wickam and Layne Homrighausen.

Alliance Area 9-Ball - 1st ($330) - Und9able, 2nd ($220) - Break N Run, 3rd - Hillers.  Wildcard team - Lucky Styx.   Sportsmanship Award - Roadhouse.  MVP honors went to Adam Snyder, Kalen Willson and Tala Olvera. 

Cozad Area 8-Ball - 1st place ($340) - Rail Riders, 2nd place ($204) - 8-Ball Scrappers, 3rd place ($136) - Chalk is Cheap.  Wildcard team - Darn Small Smokin' 8's.  Sportsmanship Award - Chalk is Cheap.  MVP honors went to Scott Uhrich, Richard Jacobson and Jeff Holsten.